The human ecological footprint is increasing at an alarming rate. The enormous amount of plastic waste that ends up in the environment every day plays a major role in this. Currently, only a small percentage of plastic waste is being recycled into new products. This means that the rest of the plastic waste ends up in landfills, in nature, or is burnt. In 2018, the European Committee put in place guidelines that have to make sure that 55% of the plastic waste will be recycled in 2030.

In order to achieve this goal, we have to work at separating the mixture of plastic waste, to create a pure raw material for high-quality new plastic products.

Plastic Recycling Amsterdam offers an innovative solution for recycling plastic waste. A solution that is better than the alternatives and plastic chain that are currently in place. Our recycling factory in Amsterdam uses Magnetic Density Separation (MDS): a special technology that makes recycling mixed plastic wastes a lot more efficient.

Plastic waste is washed and ground into smaller particles. This loosens up the different types of plastic. The mix of different types of plastic will be separated into 5 different types of plastic, by our MDS technology in one step. These types have a purity of up to > 99%. The quality of the end result is a close match to new plastic and is therefore reusable for new products.

This efficient recycling method also offers many other advantages. Both the CO2 emissions and the recycling costs of the entire plastic chain, from waste to raw material, are much lower than for traditional recycling processes. And there’s hardly any residual plastic waste, as opposed to other methods, where a major part of the plastic cannot be reused.

Less CO2 emissions
The process is cost efficient
Higher product purity of the recycled plastic
Much less waste than the 40% in the current process